worth gazillions

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  • domangelo

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    gazillions is a large amount of money: not millions or billions or trillions but a mythical amount with an uncountable number of zeros: gazillions.


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    Georgian means that it's old. Worth gazillions means it's worth a lot of money. It doesn't mean it is expensive. But it would be expensive if somebody wanted to buy it.


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    I'd also add that "gazillions", while probably in dictionaries, is not a 'serious' word. You would not say that "The economy of China is worth gazillions" unless you were being very silly.


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    I don't think there's any judgment implied that it is "too" expensive, only that it is worth a great deal of money.

    If you say, "Bill Gates is worth gazillions", it simply means that he is very, very rich.
    ah ok :) so I must just say: an exaggeration of its worth.
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