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    From the introduction of Henry Farrell, the author of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

    Henry talked about how he began to write the character; Blanche.


    Blanche didn’t have any large performing talent, which was all right for the time and place . . . but a matter of acute pain and jealousy to Jane, who had talent to burn. Indeed Blanche did have a career and future worth killing over.


    I thought it could mean like "worth killing for", why using "over"? What's supposed to mean?
  2. Barque Senior Member

    Both "killing for" and "killing over" are possible constructions. I suppose you could read "worth killing for" as meaning "worth killing to obtain" or "worth killing to retain", depending on context, while "worth killing over" is more likely to mean "worth killing to retain".

    Did Jane kill, or try to kill, Blanche? That could help us give you an answer.
  3. HyperHanabi Senior Member

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    Yes, she did try.
  4. Barque Senior Member

    I see. I assume it means Jane'd have had one less competitor if she'd killed Blanche, so that's why "killing over" is used.

    It roughly means "killing in connection with" in this context - that's another possible meaning I should have mentioned in my last post.
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    "We argued over who would cook dinner" is a similar sentence. It means "about". It was the reason why we were arguing. In the case above, it was the reason for the killing.

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