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Recently I came across this expression "worth to watch" and it sounds somewhat awkward to me. "Worth watching" sounds much better, but I would like to know if "worth to watch" is grammatically correct?

Thanks in advance
  • Prairiefire

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    I suppose it's possible for 'worth to watch' to be correct grammar in some sentence. If you want a good answer, you'll need to share an entire sentence.


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    Sorry, a friend mentioned some movie and said "worth to watch"..
    Then it should be 'The movie is worth watching'. or 'The movie is worth a watch.', or perhaps even 'It is worth it to watch the movie.' (this one is a bit of a stretch though).


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    For what it's worth: I agree with you and Dn88 that "The movie is worth watching" is correct and is best, and that "The movie is worth to watch" is incorrect.

    I disagree slightly with Dn88 on the other two: I would understand "The movie is worth a watch" and not think it incorrect, but it would sound very odd to my ear.

    On the other hand, I'm sure I've heard "It is worth it to watch the movie" (or a similar construction) many times. That would not sound at all odd to me.