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    I wanted to know if the following sentence is makes sense or not.

    This photo is worthy of its price.
    My try:

    This photo is worth its price :D

    Is worthy of usually refers to humans being good enough to deserve something.

    Jeff (on his knee): Anne, I know I'm not worthy of you (I don't deserve you), but... will you marry me?
    Anne (smiling): Jeff, how can you say that, of course I will!


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    I think I might say it this way:

    This photo is worth the price.

    AE listeners to this sentence would assume I meant it's worth the price I paid for it, or it's worth the price it's selling for. (the asking price)

    its would be understood, but wouldn't be the first choice to use.

    We would say something like this:

    This ________ is worth its weight in gold.

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