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    Hello! I'm struggling in my mind with this sentence:

    Any analytical method considered in the standard would be applicable to the specified cases, ...

    A) but would preferably be used:
    B) but would be used preferably:
    C) but would be preferably used:

    ... and then here it comes a list.

    I think A and B are right (probably the best option is A) but I don't klnow why, maybe be because below it comes a list but to my mind it comes option C ... but on the other hand my 'knowledge' on this matter tells me that I'm wrong... so hope you can help me. Thank you.
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    I prefer A: an adverb (at least generally) follows an auxiliary verb; if there are two it follows the first one. I can't think of an exception.
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  3. Cheeky-Monkey Senior Member

    Thank you so much for the explanation!

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