... would be so hard remembering her sweet companionship


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Between negotiating sessions, Frederick hunted with his falcons and seduced new mistresses, playing the troubadour to write to one of them: “Alas I didn’t think that separation from my lady would be so hard remembering her sweet companionship. Happy song, go to the flower of Syria, to her who holds my heart in prison. Ask that most loving lady to remember her servant who shall suffer from love of her until he has done all she wills him to do.”

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Simon Sebag Montefiore
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Hi. Does the underlined sentence mean “I didn’t think that whenever I remember her sweet companionship, I suffer the separation badly from my lady”?
Thank you.
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    Yes. I didn't think that whenever I remembered my lady's sweet companionship, I would suffer our separation so badly.

    It is very old-fashioned, elevated language.
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