Would do VS wouldn't have done

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Hello, let's discuss!

Sam: I saw Mary kiss Paul last night.
Tom (Mary's date): No, she wouldn't do that OR No, she wouldn't have done it.

Are they both accetable, depending on the speaker's perspective?
1. She would not do it if she had the chance.
2. She would not have done it even if she had been given the chance.
- And both of them mean I believe she didn't do it. Right?

If so, what about in this case:
(Ben and April are students)
Ben: How do I ask for a cup of tea in a cafe?
April: Bring me a cup of tea!
Teacher: No! I wouldn't have said that. Or I would not say that.

I think this one is quit similar to the pervious one.
A. I wouldn't have said that if I were you.
B. I would not say that if I had to order a cup of tea in a cafe.

Am I right?
Please give me your helpful comments!
  • Beth_Lee

    I think native speakers tend to use 'wouldn't do', right?
    I'm not sure if I can use both of them these cases.

    1)Two students are having English lesson, a teacher is supervising them.
    Student A:I'm sorry.
    Student B: You're welcome.
    Teacher: No! I wouldn't have used that. I would have said 'No worries.' OR
    I wouldn't use that. I would just say 'No worries.'

    - I think both can be used, depending on our perspectives, as you suggested. [Like: I wouldn't have used that (if I were you) / I wouldn't use that (if I were to repsonce to that kind of thing.)]
    But native speakers tend to use the second one in this case, right?

    2) Tom just gave a speech. Kay thinks it was a bad speech.
    Kay: I wouldn't have written such a speech. / I wouldn't write such a speech for a talk!

    -- In this case, I think native speakers would use "I wouldn't have written such a speech (if I had been given a chance to do that.)." Especially, If Kay thinks she should have been the one to give the speech. Agree?
    If not, I think native speakers just stick with using the second one as a general imagination for now or the future.
    [I wouldn't write such a speech for a talk! (If I were given a chance)]
    Again, they both can bu used in this case.

    Am I right? Native speakers please comment!
    Thank you.
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