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1. Would I be able to see her dance?

Few moments before, I went to resturant with family and there we had some funny discussions. My sister started talking about her colleague who is very good at dancing and she said that she will call her when we will arrange party in our house and then I said, "Would I be able to see her dance?"

Did I say right? ( I asked it because my sister's colleague usually don't dance infront of men)
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    Yes, you put the question correctly but obviously it remains to be seen what the answer will be.
    Hi, I think the question Would I be able to see her dance? might be asked if I know that she will dance but don't know if I will be able to see that. In case if I don't know if she will agree to dance at the party at all I would say "Can/may/will we see her dancing?" Am I right?
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