would no more bake a loaf than wonder about

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Baltic Sea

Hello everybody!

In Cardiff, she would no more bake a loaf than wonder about a wandering cat.

Does it mean that:

In Cardiff, she would not be interested in baking a loaf, nor would she be interested in wondering about a wandering cat.

In Cardiff, her interest in baking a loaf would be the same as in wondering about a wandering cat (she would be reluctant to do both).

Thank you.
  • Baltic Sea

    The excerpt is from a Polish Edition of Reader's Digest, a story by Bernice Rubens entitled "My Country Childhood".
    As far as the context is concerned, here it is (two sentences preceding the sentence in question).
    "When I got home to the farm, an unfamiliar smell wafted through the door. On entering the kitchen, I found my mother baking bread".


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    I think it means that the mother would never bake a loaf of bread when she was in Cardiff: the thought would not even cross her mind, any more than would the wanderings of a stray cat.
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