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Narrator: Sometimes I think my Aunt Lucy gave me Dolly and Elle to get through the one thing she couldn't teach me herself: how to live in this world without her! I guess as Dolly would say "If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain."

Movie: Dumplin'

P.S: Dolly refers to Dolly Parton, an American singer. And Elle is the narrator's best friend.

What is the use of "would" here? Does it mean if the singer Dolly were here, would say...?
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    Would is used in these ways:

    1 -> I wish he would do what I asked. -> Regret about somebody's behaviour
    2 -> Would you follow me, please? -> Polite request
    3 -> He said he would do it tomorrow. -> Reported speech (past tense of will)
    4 -> I'd rather you didn't do that. -> Expressing a preference about an action
    5 -> And every day he would go to work by bicycle. -> Past habit
    6 -> Well, he would say that, wouldn't he? -> Commenting on somebody's typical behaviour
    7 -> Would you tell me the answer? -> Indirect question
    8 -> Would you like to go to the cinema? -> Polite offer
    9 -> I'd imagine we'll arrive at about six . -> Softening an opinion you are not sure about
    10 -> He wouldn't do what I asked. -> Refusal in the past
    11 -> One day he would return to this university as a professor. -> Future in the past
    12 -> If he had known this he would never have asked her. -> Third conditional.

    I guess as Dolly would say -> 6
    Is it different from "I would say", which is used used for giving your opinion?
    Without a full sentence, I can't say.
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