Would, that you could

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    I'm not sure you will be able to help me, but I'm giving it a go.
    The context: vampires. When a vampire turns a human into a vampire, he's considered as his maker, his father.

    Here, a vampire Bishop said to another vampire Aidan that he should kill his son Henry (the vampire he turned). Aidan fails to kill his son Henry:
    Bishop: The father can never kill the son. Why work so hard to create something only to destroy it?
    Aidan: You spent all night telling me that, that I had to kill Henry.
    Bishop: Would, that you could. But the son always kills the father. You'll see.

    Other info, maybe relevant, I don't know: Bishop turned Aidan into a vampire and then Aidan killed him. I know, he's talking to him even if he's dead. Don't ask me why!

    If I was to translate that logically, I'd say: (J'ai dit) que tu devais (le tuer), pas que tu pouvais. (Would there be a "not" implied before "that you could"?)
    But does it really mean that for you?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this long question!
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    Would that you could means - I wish that you could - que tu en sois capable
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    Really? Even with a coma (in the script + he pauses when he speaks) after "would"?
    Wow, great, thanks! I had no idea.
    So is it like: J'espérais que tu en sois capable.?
    (Just before, it goes like that:
    Aidan: I couldn't do it.
    Bishop: Of course, you couldn't.)

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