would vs used to

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Choose the correct answer, A, B, or C.
I ----------- want to be a practising doctor but now I'm more interested in research.
A. was used to
B. used to
C. would
(Source: Cambridge Grammar for IELTS book)

According to the book the correct answer to this question is item "B", as it can be seen conspicuously. But my question is all about item "C", "would". Here, I think the cardinal question is that to what extent "would" refers to! Actually, I think "would" can also be correct in the given context!

What do you think about it? Does it work for you?
Thanks in advance!
  • Vronsky

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    "Would" (in the meaning of past regular actions) is not used with stative verbs, such as want.


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    Hello Mnemon

    No, "would" doesn't work for two reasons:
    - we need an explicit time period to use past-tense "would", such as when I was a child
    - we use past-tense "would" for actions.

    Cross-posted, and agreeing with Vronsky


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    No, it doesn’t work. Both forms can be used when we talk about habitual actions in the past (for example I used to take a walk in the park / I would take a walk in the park), but here we are talking about « wanting to », which is a state rather than an action, and therefore only used to works
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