Would you believe horse?


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Joey comes home from a vacation, with her black boyfriend John (a pofessor in medicine) she just met there, and they're determined to marry soon. The black housemaid there is hostile towards John, suspecting him of dishonest intentions. Now, catching a moment while they're alone, she questions him:
— What kind of doctor are you supposed to be anyhow?
— Would you believe horse?
— Ohh! You make with witticisms and all, huh?
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, film

What does it mean?:confused:
Thank you.
  • ewie

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    "Would you believe I'm a horse doctor", i.e. a vet (who may or may not specialize in horses).
    (It never ceases to surprise me some of the stuff you watch, Vik.)


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    First of all, "would you believe.....?" is a comedy line that once was repeated over and over. It means just what it says, i.e. it's literal, but it usually introduces a joke or something that the speaker regards as entertaining.
    From Wikipedia:
    [Bill) Dana's career took a major turn [60 years ago, more or less] when he began writing stand-up routines for the young comedian Don Adams, including the now well-known "Would you believe?" jokes popularized by Get Smart. From there, he was brought in as a writer for The Steve Allen Show, where he created the José Jiménez character for the show's Man in the Street segments.[2]
    Bill Dana - Wikipedia
    Ewie's comment above is correct, unless there's more relevant context, e.g. the doctor's voce was hoarse


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    I have it in the back of my head that horse doctor is sometimes used to mean the same as quack ('an unqualified person who claims medical knowledge or other skills') ... ...
    It must be at least 30 years since I saw Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.
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