Would you die for me?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Aimee J., Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Aimee J.

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    Since ‘die’ is an intransitive verb, does that mean the question “would you die for me?” is incorrect?
  2. heypresto

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    No. (Well, it would be correct with a capital letter at the beginning.;))
  3. Aimee J.

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    I thought because ‘die’ is an intransitive verb that a direct object cannot follow it at all? I’m confused.
  4. dojibear

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    "Die" (meaning to end life) is intransitive. That means "Would you die me" is incorrect since "die" can't have a direct object.

    In "would you die for me", "for" is a preposition. "For me" is a prepositional phrase. So "me" is inside a prepositional phrase, and is correct. It is not a "direct object" of the verb. Instead it is the object of the preposition.

    We call this "me" an indirect object of the verb. Intransitive verbs can have indirect objects, like
    - for me
    - to me
    - with me
    - about me
    - from me
  5. Keith Bradford

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    It's true that you can't "die somebody". But the addition of a preposition means that this is not a transitive construction. So you can "die for/with/before/after/alongside/despite/etc./etc. somebody" in English as in French.

  6. dojibear

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    Compare "kill", which is transitive:

    Would you kill (someone) for me?
    Would you kill me (for someone)?

    The word in bold is a direct object. As you can see, it is optional. The word after "for" is an indirect object.
  7. Florentia52

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