Would you hold it against him?

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    This is the context: during voir dire, the defense attorneys will ask a prospective juror whether he will "hold it against the defendant" if the defendant elects not to testify (as is his right).

    I have considered "guardar rencor," but I suspect this corresponds more with "to begrudge" or "to resent." There is also "reprochar" and "echarle en la cara," but I fear that both of these mean "to criticize a person to his face." We are only referring here to harboring an unspoken resentment. Hmmm ... so maybe "guardar rencor" is best after all. I don't know.

    What about "Y si el defendido decide no declarar en su propia defensa, lo va a considerar en su contra"?

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    "Considerar en su contra" was the first thing that came to mind.
    I agree that guardar rencor, reprochar, echar en cara do not fit in this context.

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    Perfecto. Thank you.
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    I use "tomarlo (su falta de testimonio) como un indicio de culpabilidad" because I think that's really what's being asked.
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    Just saw post #4.

    Thanks, mewilson! Excellent.
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    Your welcome. I forgot where I stole that...

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