Would you like some iced tea?

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Ali Smith

Senior Member
Urdu - Pakistan

How do I say "Would you like some iced tea?" in Mandarin? My guess is: 您要不要冰茶?

  • SuperXW

    Senior Member
    The grammar is correct, however, it may not be the most way we would ask.
    In colloquial Chinese, 冰茶 is less common than 冰红茶/冻柠茶 as the beverage name in my experience.


    Senior Member
    Taiwanese Mandarin
    Yes, '冰茶' is not very commonly heard. But '熱茶' is something that we are familiar with.

    To ask that question in Mandarin without specifying what variety the tea is, you may ask, '你要茶嗎', and then add, '冰的', which may make your suggestion more attractive in a scorching summer afternoon.
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