would you mind closing the door?

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    Hola a todos! :)

    What would be the best words to use to tone down an order/imperative form in Spanish?? In english you might add words like ''just/simply/would you mind'' to make it less of an order and more of a favour
    eg Close the door = an order
    Could you just close the door/ would you mind closing the door= a favour/please close the door

    Would it be correct to say ''Te molesta/importa cerrar la puerta?''
    I have seen the use of ''no más'' once in a similar way, would this be common?
    Eg Llamame no más a mi oficiana = Just/Simply call me in the office

    So what are the best words in general to tone down an order in spanish and does it vary by region also?
    Muchas gracias de antemano! ;)

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  2. gengo

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    ¿Puedes cerrar la puerta?
    ¿Podrías cerrar la puerta? (more polite)
    ¿Sería (usted) tan amable de cerrar la puerta? (very polite)
  3. Matedulce

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    I agree with Gengo because conditional usually "softens" the imperative:
    ¿Podrías cerrar la puerta, por favor?
    But I would add "por favor"
    You could also say it in an indirect way, like: ¿Podría alguien cerrar la puerta, por favor?

    "No más" is different and quite informal. This is used to encourage you to feel free or authorized to do something, like:
    "Usa mi lápiz no más, yo tengo otro" (Use my pencil. I have another one)
    (I think this is a hispanoamerican usage. Not sure it is used anywhere in Spain)
  4. ez2tok2 Member

    Mexican Spanish
    I have to add that in Sanish it is almost rude, depending on the context, to use "te molestaría o te importaría..." These verbs implies anger. it is preferable to use a conditional and a "por favor". saludos.
  5. Matedulce

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    Iquique, Chile
    Absolutely yes. I would add that sometimes "te molestaría" may sound sarcastic...

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