Would you take me unkind?


it is a line from a song 'Polly, pretty Polly'

what is 'Would you take me unkind?' meaning?

below is full lyrics of the song

Oh Polly, Pretty Polly, would you take me unkind
Polly, Pretty Polly, would you take me unkind
Let me set beside you and tell you my mind
Well my mind is to marry and never to part
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  • Istarion

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    It's often hard to know exactly what is meant in song lyrics. I read it as "would you think of me as unkind?" or "would you interpret my words as unkind?". The only other use I can find of "take me unkind" is in George Eliot's "Adam Bede", where Adam says "thee mustna take me unkind" -- supposedly a dialect way of saying "please don't think I'm being unkind to you".
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