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would,want are used to express requests.
customer:i would like some raspberries,please (or) i want some rasp berries
greengroccer: iam afraid i haven't any.would you like some strawberries?
1)is it correct to write " iam afraid i haven't any.do you want some strawberries?"
2)would you like? is used to satisfy other persons wishes
but do you want ?
does not imply this .what it means ?can you give some examples for this?
  • First of all, "I" must always be written with a capital letter; it is never written "i". Secondly, "I am" is two separate words, and not "iam".
    Third, it is not common in modern English to contract "have not" when have is the main verb and not merely an auxiliary verb. Fourth, in modern English it would be more common to say "I don't have any" rather than "I haven't any."

    And after all that, I still don't know what you are asking. Could you rephrase the question? :)


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    I think phani780 wants to know if it is correct, in the stated context, to say "Do you want some strawberries?" instead of "Would you like some strawberries?"

    I personally would say "Would you like some strawberries instead?"