Wow, I am your first comment


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'Wow, I am your first comment, thank you for the add!' is referring to writing on somebodies my space account. So would it be okay to say:
'Caspita! Sono il tuo primo commento (this sounds awkward to me!), grazie a te per l'add.

Help please :)
  • Lello4ever

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    Italia - Italiano
    Your attempt is ok. You can also say "Sono il primo a commentare/fare un commento". Instead of commento you can use intervento.


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    Italia - Italiano
    Oh I didn't see the last part. I'm sure not many Italians would understand "add", it's better "Grazie per avermi aggiunto" (I think he's talking about adding to your contacts).


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    US- English
    I don't understand "add" here either. I've never heard it used as a noun in English, yet is used here as if it were one. I think the writer was trying to say either "advertisement" or "addition" but which is unclear from the context.
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