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Hi, how would you guys translate "to wrestle with (a person)." Like two brothers roughhousing each other in a playful but physical way. The dictionary suggests "lutter corps à corps" but that's a mouthful and I feel like it sounds rather awkward to say. Can you think of an easier verb to use? Can I say something like "Arrêtez de vous lutter!" or "Les deux frères se sont luttés l'un contre l'autre"?
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    #1 Alex was wrestling with Benjamin"

    #2 Stop wrestling with each other!

    #3 The two brothers were wrestling with each other
    #1 Alex faisait de la lutte avec Benjamin, (if you take wrestling = the sport)
    #1 Alex se chamallait avec Benjamin (If you take wrestling = rough arguing)
    #1 Alex jouait à se battre avec Benjamin (If you take wrestling = rough play)

    #2 Arrêtez de vous battre tous les deux!

    #3 Les deux frères luttaient entre eux
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