1. visiteur New Member

    near paris and LA
    france, francais
    how to write a check correctly

    which one is the good one ; please

    example $25.63

    twenty five dollars 63/100
    twenty five dollars 63 cents


    example $25.00

    twenty five dollars
    twenty five dollars 00/100

    sorry , but i'm french and i want to wite a check correctly

    is there a rule about 00/100 25/100 or can we skip it ?
  2. Avignonais Senior Member

    USA, Anglophone
    twenty five dollars 63/100


    example $25.00
    twenty five dollars 00/100

    We don't skip xx/100
  3. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    I'd say "twenty-five dollars and sixty-three cents
    "twenty-five dollars"
  4. jetman

    jetman Senior Member

    English - USA
    The word "dollars" is usually already written on the check. Thus it would be:

    twenty-five and 63/100 DOLLARS

    Also, I always use XX/100 if the cent amount is zero.
  5. whiffet

    whiffet Senior Member

    It would help if this thread had the verb to write a check in it somewhere...: )

    Écrire un chèque, remplir un chèque, faire un chèque?
  6. jetman

    jetman Senior Member

    English - USA
    Google gives the following:

    J'ai fait un chèque - 23,600 hits
    J'ai écrit un chèque - 3 hits
    J'ai rempli un chèque - 7 hits

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