write down - take down

  • Yes, in a way.

    Take down is to write down a note about something.
    Write down is to put something (an idea, a comment, etc.) in written
    Hello, I´ve a doubt that I hope you can help me to solve. Can these two words have the same meaning?
    Yes, they absolutely can. You can say, "Write it down" or "Take it down". You can put the pronoun/direct object afterwards also.

    Other variations:
    Write this down.
    Take this down.
    Write down this.
    Take down this.
    Yo insisto que no son idénticos y cada uno se usa según su contexto.

    No diría "I will sit and take down a my new novel", but write o write down my new novel And I would not my secretary to write down my boss comments in a meeting, but take down the notes.

    Pero es mi opinión y no me parece que la anterior haya sido tenida muy en cuenta. Suerte, pues.
    The question is if they can mean the same, and I would say yes. That doesn't mean they are always used interchangeably.
    And, yes, they are both common.
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