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Hi everyone,
Is there any difference between these 2 sentences and is one of them more natural/idiomatic/correct please ?

- I did not write it on the slide
- I did not write it down on the slide

The context is a PowerPoint presentation.

Thank you so much for the native speakers' insights ☺
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    They're both correct, but the first is more natural. There's no reason to add the word "down", and I doubt that many native speakers would add it in this case. Writing something down is generally used where the medium on which it is written isn't specified. A: "My address is ...." B: "OK, just a minute while I write that down."

    Update: If this is spoken language it'd be more natural to say "didn't".
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    Neither version works for me, because you don't physically write anything on the slide.

    Depending on what "it" was, I'd probably say something like "I didn't put it on the slide" or "I didn't add it to the slide". :)


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    I suspect the "write it down" comes from "write it down on a piece of paper".

    In any case I would write things down in a notebook or on a sheet of paper but I would not write things down on a black board. On a black board I would simply "write".

    For a slide, I would "label" the slide (if it does not show on the projection) or "caption" it, if the writing does appear in the projection.


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    Thank you so much everyone for your useful observations ! This helps clarify when using write vs. write down based on the surface/medium ☺

    Although it seems that there is a thin line between the two and various usages according to this thread and the other one kindly linked by Sdgraham.

    I also thought of replacing write with add or put so I will definitely consider this option in the future.

    In the process, I also understood that you use the preposition in for "write sth down in a notebook" . Is there any chance the preposition on can also be correct: "write sth down on a notebook" ? Implying on a notebook page.

    Thanks again!
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