write it in / on your notebook


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Hi all!

Which is correct?

write it in your notebook
write it on your notebook

A similar one: "I've got that written in / on my notebook"

I guess that "in" could be accepted in this sentence since it could be taken to mean that "information" is contained "within" the notebook, although I suppose that the preferred preferred preposition for these cases is "on". But then, I'm just guessing.


  • Ratona

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    write it in your note book - because it will be information contained IN this book.

    A teacher may say to their pupils: "Write your names on (the front of) your notebooks"


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    Write it in your notebook. - Write on a page within your notebook.

    Write it on your notebook. - Write on the cover of your notebook.


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    Then, when I talk about a piece of handout or worksheet, shoud I use on, such as ..

    Write your answer on the worksheet/or handout I gave you. ( oral direction to students)

    And I am not sure if the sentence sounds natural to Native speakers. What do you say?


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    Then, when I want my students to write new words in their notebook, should I place in instead on, such as

    Write new or unfamilar words in your notebook or vocabulary journal.