Write with/by/using your pen.

One Heart

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Egyptian Arabic

1. Write with your pen.
2. Write using your pen.
3. Write by using your pen.

What I know is that:

By is used with the method 'using your pen'.
With is used with the tool 'pen'.

In light of the above, I suggest that all of them are grammatical and idiomatic.

What do you think?
  • timtfj

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    UK English
    I consider #1 to be the only "idiomatic" use, although all can be considered "grammatical."
    I agree.
    • Write with your pen is quite natural.
    • Write using your pen sounds as though there's some problem: it's an answer to a question like "But what can I write with?" Maybe you've forgotten that you have a pen with you.
    • Write by using your pen sounds as though you don't know how writing works and need reminding that a pen can be used. Maybe you're only just learning to write, or maybe you're suffering from dementia and need prompting how to do everyday tasks.
    NB by you I mean the person the instruction is addressed to.
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