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Most churches gave
people the impression they would “get” the Holy Spirit as a
reward for good behavior, in occasional dire circumstances, if
they were writing a Gospel, or when a bishop would lay his
hands on them.

No sé si "a Gospel" se refiere a un evangelio en el sentido del Nuevo Testamento o a una canción Gospel. ¿Qué os parece? Gracias adelantadas por vuestras respuestas.
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    hola, The Newt y donbill, gracias por vuestras respuesta.
    El contexto es que no damos suficiente importancia al Espíritu Santo. Esto dice el autor antes y después del párrafo que he citado antes:

    Talk about being well
    equipped for life from a Secret Inner Source! It really is too
    good to believe—and so we didn’t.
    This loss and sadness led me one Lent to write sixty-five
    names for this hidden mystery in a “Litany of the Holy
    Spirit.”1 It was really my homage to a Loving Inner
    Consciousness that we all share, but we have not been taught
    to rely upon or to allow to guide us.
    [viene párrafo citado más arriba, y luego:]
    We severely limited the Spirit’s available
    working hours, and edged God’s defending Presence out of
    its pivotal role for us. We were left “orphaned,” exactly what
    Jesus said he did not want (14:18). Maybe the old Germanbased
    word “Holy Ghost” (geist) was a correct premonition of
    what had happened or not happened. The Holy Spirit had
    become an invisible ghost or mind.

    Yo creo que ya basta de contexto, ¿no?
    Saludos cordiales
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