Writing on back of painting


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I am not sure if any one can help her. My friend's father died and left him a painting that he cherished. It was given to him when he left Austria in the 40's. All the son knows is that the painting was done by someone in Checholslavakia. There is writing on the back of the painting but we can not make it out. Some letters are hard to read in the middle of words so I can not look the words up in the dictionary. I can email a photo of the writing I cannot tell from the web site if I can post the image or not. Is anyone interested in trying to read the writing for us? Thank you for your time.
  • Welcome. :) You can attach the file directly to your post (click on Edit, Advanced mode, scroll down). If it is too big, upload it on a website like imageshack.us and send the link to me privately. I will post it on your behalf.