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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Lyuba, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Lyuba

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    Hi all,

    How would you spell the sound that is made when a person spits in disgust? I am translating a text from Russian in to English in which the main character voices her opinion on prostitution:

    "...it is repulsive and repugnant, (insert spitting sound here)!"

    In Russian, its transliteration is: "t'fu," but I can't recall ever reading this sound in English.

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  3. bibliolept

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    "Ptooie" is more cartoonish, not suitable for a serious narration.

    (And, of course, a resounding "tling" when the spittoon is hit.)
  4. se16teddy

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    Thanks Bibliolept! I have seen ptooie in old cartoons long ago and didn't understand what it meant! I don't think we use ptui or ptooie on this side of the Atlantic.

    You could try pah! but it is probably too decorous. The only alternatives I can think of represent vomiting rather than spitting - ugh! or yeuch! or yuck! and I think tend to express physical revulsion rather than moral indignation!
  5. Lyuba

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    New York City
    Russsia and U.S.A
    Thank you all for the suggestions--very helpful! :)

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