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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Dautima, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Dautima

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    Hi my friends,
    I want to send a parcel to some universities outside the country. I am not sure if the address is correct in English format.I have not the name of the contact person for some of them. so I wrote the add in this way. would you please tell me if the format is coorect in english?

    Head of ....... University

    Address: ...................................

    Thanks in advance
  2. natkretep

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    Try to get the title correct. 'Head' is the term normally used to describe the person at the helm of a department. The person helming a university might be a Vice-Chancellor or Rector or President.
  3. Dautima

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    Persian, English
    is it correct to write dean of instead head?
  4. sdgraham

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    No. The answer is the same as natkretep's previous post.

    What do you mean by "parcel?" I hope it's something innocuous, but in today's world, packages, even with a precise address can be very suspicious.

    I suspect that you really want to route something to a particular department, but please let us know.

    Additionally, if you have access to the Internet, there's little excuse for not being able to find out the precise title and name of somebody at a university.

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