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What does "wrung" mean in the following?


- Near the end of his life, Thackeray drew a comparison between himself and Dickens: "I am played out. All I can do now is to bring out my old puppets... But, if he live to be ninety, Dickens will still be creating new characters. In his art that man is marvelous". Wrung from a novelist whose own writings occupy more than twenty thick volumes, this compliment is quintessentially Victorian.
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    To wring a compliment suggests that it is given reluctantly or grudgingly. It's not apparent from the quoted text why it's being used here.

    suzi br

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    Wringing is to squeeze out the way you squeeze water from your washing. It suggests effort to get the words out of Thackery. The words to not suggest that they were wrung out, so it is odd.
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