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  1. MPA Senior Member

    Portuguese (Brazilian)
    How can I say the word wunderbar in Finnish? I just found the words loistava, mainio and ihana. Does some of them good translations?
  2. MaijaPoppanen Senior Member

    They are all good translations among others. It depends on the context which one you should use.
  3. MPA Senior Member

    Portuguese (Brazilian)
    Ok, I didn't explain what I want...
    Like, if I heard and/or see something that I want to congrats the person who did it and at same time say that I happy for it.
    E.g.: If someone say to me "I just graduated at university last month", which of these words can explain this feeling I discraved before?
    I believe loistava is better, but don't know actually.
  4. Hakro

    Hakro Senior Member

    Helsinki, Finland
    Finnish - Finland
    In this case, loistavaa is a perfect choice.

    Other possibilities here are for example hienoa or upeaa.

    Note that you have to use the partitive case.
  5. MPA Senior Member

    Portuguese (Brazilian)
    Thank you, Maija and Hakro.

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