Wyślę ci jak będę w domu. chcę żebyś to przeczytał przy mnie


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Can anyone help me translate this into English?

wysle ci jak bede w domu chce zebys to przeczytal przy mnie

Thank you very much if you can.
  • mcibor

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    Rough translation:

    I'll send you as soon as I'm at home. I would like you to read it with me at your side.

    I'm not sure what exactly the person wanted, cause the logic is a bit rough.

    Wyślę - I will send
    ci - you (in dative)
    jak - when, as soon as
    będę - I will be
    w - in
    domu - home, house
    chcę - I want
    żebyś - that you
    to - this
    przeczytał - read
    przy - by
    mnie - me

    Hope this helps you :)


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    polszczyzna warszawska
    The object is implied in the Polish sentence, which seems to be taken out of a broader utterance:
    Wyślę ci jak będę w domu, chcę żebyś to przeczytał przy mnie.
    I'll send it to you when I'm (back) home. I want you to read it in my presence.



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    Yes, but the logic is a bit off - I'll send sth (send away, to further distance), but then you will read it in my presence, so why send it anyway?

    PS. Sorry for the mistake - it should have been
    soon as I'm home