Wycena spółki/firmy/przedsiębiorstwa przy użyciu metody dcf na przykładzie xyz.

Discussion in 'Polski (Polish)' started by browar25, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. browar25 New Member

    Hi guys,
    I wonder if someone could help me with a title of my master thesis. I've got two, but I'm not sure that they are free of mistakes.

    1. The discounted cash flow approach to XYZ company valuation.

    2. Valuation of the XYZ comp. using the DCF method.

    Which one is better? Maybe the both are wrong? If you have got some better titles don't be shy :) All help will be appreciated.
    Sorry for my broken english. I don't have many opportunities to speak english.
  2. browar25 New Member

    I need this by tomorrow. All I want you to tell me is an opinion about titles I've written above. My thesis covers valuation theory and practice. But 75% of thesis concerns practice. It's just a valuation of a company listed on a stock exchange. I called it XYZ company. So I'm looking for a title that summarises my master's thesis. Of course I already have the title but in my mother tongue. It's pretty hard to translate it word for word. So I'm looking for a good translation. I thought I'll find it here.

    At the beggining I prepared this title: "Company valuation using the DCF method on the basis of XYZ company". This one is very close to the oryginal polish title but I can't be sure that this is correct from the grammar point of view. So if you could give me a rope...?
  3. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)

    A translation is between 2 languages and I can't see the original sentence in Polish :)
  4. browar25 New Member

    Wycena spółki/firmy/przedsiębiorstwa przy użyciu metody dcf na przykładzie xyz.
  5. Thomas1

    Thomas1 Senior Member

    polszczyzna warszawska
    I'd like to offer:
    XYZ as a Case Study of Company Valuation with/Using the DCF* Method

    *You could also use the full name 'Discounted Cash Flow'.
  6. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    Alternatywa 1: wydaje się być tłumaczeniem zupełnie innego tekstu polskiego, niż ten, który podałeś. Moim zdaniem odpada całkowicie.
    Alternatywa 2: Wydaje się, że ogólnie rzecz biorąc dobrze, ale „company” zwykle nie poprzedza się przez „the”.
    Przed „method” stawia się „the” ale to zależy co leży w „DCF”. Nazwę metody powinno się podać pełnymi słowami, nie skrótem, jeżeli to jest tytuł pracy.

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