x metri da P.C.


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I'm trying to understand what does the acronym P.C. stands for in geology.
From the context I assume it mean something like ground level, as it is stated as depth bellow ground level.
For example:
0,00-0,80 m da p.c. : terreno vegetale (*)
0,80-3.20 m da p.c. : limo sabbioso
Thank you!

(*) Could "terreno vegetale" be "Soil Biomantle"?
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    Hmm... It hasn't been easy at all, but finally I've found it!
    P.C. stands for 'piano (di) campagna', and a possible translation (HERE) is 'land surface'. :);)
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    P. C. stands for 'piano (di) campagna', and a possible translation (HERE) is 'land surface'.

    You're right to say "possible". "Land surface" is a convincing translation, at least to this non-geologist, or geologist manqué (che dirsi voglia), and may even be a reliable translation, but it is a fact that the person who translated the text you found is not a reliable translator. That may or may not affect the correctness of the term land surface: being a technical term, it is possible that the translator had a more reliable knowledge of the right term in their field. (If we are in any doubt, however, "ground surface" may be a safer term to use.)
    Anyway, on balance problem solved, and well done to Necsus for coming up trumps on this difficult teaser... ;-)