Xarel·lo grapes. Is the dot correct?

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    I'm correcting a text about Cava wine. It says that it's made from Macabeo, Paralleda and Xarel•lo grapes. Is the dot correct in Catalan? And could, perhaps, some of you explain to me why the dot is used? Just curious.

    Thank you!
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    It's correct. Sometimes the dot is placed on the line (Xarel.lo); I don't think it makes any difference whether it is on the line or higher (as in your example). The dot tells you that you have to pronounce two "l"s. If the dot wasn't there, the "ll" would have to be pronounced /ʎ/.
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    Oh, I see! Thank you, sound shift!
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    That's all correct, but strictly speaking, the dot must be higher.

    Salut :)
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    Higher and thinner:D: xarel·lo.

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