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    I wanted to know the difference between the pronunciation of the names Xavier and Javier. How do you pronounce 'Xavier' in Spanish? If you take the example, 'Mexico,' the 'x' is like a 'J' sound in Spanish. So 'Javier' would be pronounced the same way. However, in English, Xavier would be pronounced "ex-avier." Can anyone help? It is greatly appreciated.

    "El español: saberlo es quererlo"
  2. gengo

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    I'm not sure, but I think the X spelling is from Catalan, in which it would have a different pronunciation. But in Castellano, I think both spellings are pronounced the same.
  3. Tacuabe

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    We can say Mexico, the "x" is like a "j". For Xavier we can also say "x" like "ˈʃ" ("sh" in English).
    I hope it will be helpful for you.
    Good luck.
  4. jsvillar Senior Member

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    In modern Spanish, only mexican words have 'x' pronounced as 'j', (Méjico). All other uses of X instead of J come from other languages such as Catalán or Gallego, and in all those cases you can pronounce X as SH (Shavier, Shishón, Shátiva).

    I used to live in a town in the south where there was a bar with its name written in Asturian, called Xixón. Learning about the different languages and dialects in Spain, the teacher used it as an example saying we should pronounce it Shishón, but many people, not knowing this, called it 'Csicsón'!

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