Xihu Longjing tea or Xihu longjing tea


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I have a question about the capitalisation of tea names.

Xihu is a proper noun, referring to the place West Lake. Longjing is a type of tea, aka dragon well tea. Xihu Longjing tea means that this type of tea is produced in the area of Xihu.

I was wondering which format would be more acceptable: a) Xihu Longjing tea; b) Xihu longing tea; c) Xihu Longjing Tea.

Many thanks!
  • Do you have a complete sentence in mind, and some context, in which you want to write this?
    I'm writing an article on this specific type of tea, the environment in which it is grown and how it tastes. A sentence might be "Xihu Longjing tea has a very mellow taste and long-lasting aroma."
    I have searched for that tea. It's printed name is very variable:
    Xi Hu Long Jing
    Xihu Longjing
    Xihu Long Jing
    Xi Hu Longjing
    Longjing - probably the commonest.
    Long Jing

    Although Xihu/Xi Hu is not often mentioned.

    Tea is sometimes capitalised and sometimes not.