Yürüdüm aynı zamanda

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  1. salsabeel Senior Member

    translate to English please ?
    "Yürüdüm ayni zamanda"

    thank you .
  2. shafaq Senior Member

    "Yürüdüm ayni zamanda(فى عين الزمن)"
      ... Simultaneously , I went on walking 
  3. SARI7

    SARI7 Member

    Brother, you are trying to understand poems and lyrics, which is rather hard for learners of that particular language.
    the sentence you have asked is a poem's 2nd line. the first line and the rest goes as "at the moment I was born / started walking at the same time/ in a two door inn/ going (continiously) day and night".
    Hope this helps better
  4. salsabeel Senior Member

    Sari7 , i appreciate your reply so much , you're right ,the first line was " dunyaya geldioim anda" , i can easily recognise "dunyaya means my life" , and "anda means at" , couldn't find the meaning of "geldioim"
    The word "yurudum " means walked" ,and "ayni zamanda means in the eye of time"

    So i can undertstand it as "my life walked in the eye of time" is this acceptable?

    Thank you shafaq
  5. shafaq Senior Member

    Welcome !
    No ! Ithink I caused a misunderstanding there. "aynı zamanda" means "at the same time" and/or "simultaneously"... Arabic section was just to show you the Arabic origin of it. Not more...
  6. trk New Member

    It's been a while since the question was asked but let me take this opportunity to correct a general misunderstanding regarding this poem. "going day and night" is not an accurate translation of "gidiyorum gunduz gece"; what the poet meant to say is "I am walking/going, day is night", because he was blind, you see. Lots of native Turkish speakers do not realize this nuance and think he meant "I am walking/going day and night" which should have been "gidiyorum gece gunduz" because the phrase "gece gunduz" somewhat means "continuously". For example "gece gunduz calisiyorum" literally translates to "I am working night and day", although in English "I am working day and night" would probably be more preferable I guess.
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