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..que les autres pays, les autres peuples avaient, eux aussi, droit à la liberté et au bien-être matériel auxquels tout americain se réclamait si fièrement sans pour autant y être socialement ou intégralement admis comme on le sait...?

I am not getting the bolded part of this sentence. I have:

...that other countries, other peoples also have a right to the liberty and the material well-being all Americans so proudly invoke, however without necessarily_______ or fully accepted, as we know...?

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    This partial sentence is a parsing challenge: "sans y être admis" might be translated as "without being admitted (there)"... or possibly "...accepted," as you have rendered it. So I think the missing words in your fill-in-the-blank would be "being socially."

    BTW, did you mean to drop "si fièrement"?
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