ya / todavía

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USA - english
As far as I know, ya can mean already or yet, and todavia can mean still. But I believe before I've seen them used differently in context. Anyone can set it straight for me?

  • Leopold

    Senior Member
    Ya - already, anymore (and some more, like "yes", "now" but that's another thing)
    Todavía/aún - still, yet

    -Ya no me quiere - He doesn't love me anymore
    -¿Has ido ya a comprar? - Have you already done the shopping?
    -¿Todavía/Aún estás buscándolo? -You're still looking for it?
    -Si todavía/aún no lo has hecho no te dará tiempo or No te dará tiempo si no lo has hecho ya/aún. If you haven't finished it yet, you won't be in time.

    I think the last one is the only in which are interchangeable. But it's 4:18 here, so wait for some else. :)
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