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    The word yaban exists in Turkish with the meaning of savage~wilderness~uncultivated.
    yabancı means foreigner

    According to an etymology dictionary, it comes from "yawan".

    It exists in Japanese with the meaning of savage.

    It also exists in Persian with similar meanings.

    What I had in mind is the word yaya, yayan in Turkish meaning "on foot, walking, not using a vehicle for traveling". Could people with horse-riding as an important aspect of their lifestyle, called people not riding horses as foreigner?
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    Hi! The Japanese word (やばん or 野蛮) comes from Chinese and means "savage", while the Persian word (يبان) means "desert". They don't seem to be related.
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    The Persian word for “desert” is biyābān (from Middle Persian wiyābān). Steingass’s “yabān” is a lexical ghost-word.
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