Yang ating damit na basa ang mabaho.

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  1. turkjey5 Senior Member

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    How would you translate "Yang ating damit na basa ang mabaho"?
    our wet clothes stink?

  2. green_fairy New Member

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    yes. it means our wet smelly clothes.
  3. DotterKat Moderator

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    I agree with the general sense of the translations already given and have a little bit to add. The original text:

    'Yang ating damit na basa ang mabaho utilizes the demonstrative iyan, shortened to 'yan as it often is in everyday speech. Iyan/'yan translates to the demonstrative adjective that, as utilized in this text (note that there are different translations for iyan as a demonstrative pronoun). The text also uses the marker ang which here functions as a definitizer. Therefore, a stricter translation of the text would be:

    wet clothing of ours is the one that is stinking.

    Note too that the original text is apparently written in a polite form and gives the possibility for an alternate translation. Since the possessive pronoun atin (our), which implies plural possession of something, is not properly matched with the plural mga damit I would take the entire text to be a courteous reminder. It would be similar to the English We need to observe the rules (when what is actually meant is You need to observe the rules) or We need to hang our clothes to dry (when what is actually meant is You need to hang your clothes to dry). Iyang ating mga damit na basa ang mabaho (These wet clothes of ours are the ones that are stinking) would have been the correct form if at least two people's clothes are wet and stinking. As written, 'Yang ating damit na basa ang mabaho, can be read as a gentle and polite reminder to one person: your wet clothes are stinking.
  4. mataripis

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    i want to add the other way to express it in Tagalog. 1.) yang basang damit ang maamoy. (That/those wet clothes are smelly) i am not sure the my english "smelly" is "maamoy ".

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