1. naloca New Member

    Hi people! I have a doubt with how can I read in English the year 2100. I have seen that some people read it "twenty-one hundred" and some others read it "two thousand one hundred". Which one is better to use?
  2. turi

    turi Senior Member

    En un lugar de Catalunya
    Catalán y castellano.
    Creo que la segunda opción es más formal.

    Saludos, t.
  3. kodiakbear Senior Member

    English, United States
    Twenty-one hundred is more common, probably just because it rolls off the tongue easier.
  4. naloca New Member

    jajaja! yeah you are right kodiakbear. That may be the reason. Thank you!
  5. fenixpollo

    fenixpollo moderator

    American English
    I agree that "twenty-one hundred" is the more natural-sounding option if you are reading the year out loud.

    Here are a couple of other suggestions to help you improve your English. :)
  6. ScottMiami Member

    English - UK
    You are correct. Americans (estadunidenses) usually say, "twenty-one hundred", but that is spoken American English only. If you are writing it out for a formal document (legal) use "two thousand one hundred". In other English-speaking countries, the US habit is understood but not often used by natives (UK, Australia, Caribbean etc.).

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