1. I'mlearning Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Hello there! Well, today marks one year since the Olympics took place and I've seen videos on youtube and you can see these "London ONe Year On" or " 1 year on from" and what I wanted to know is if that "on" means something like "from now on" ( de ahora en adelante) or something like "ha pasado un año".

  2. sound shift

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    Derby (central England)
    English - England
    It's like "ha pasado un año". This "on" means "forward" (in time, not in space, in this case). In other words, "London, one year after the Olympic Games were held there".
  3. Wandering JJ

    Wandering JJ Senior Member

    British English
    "Londres: un año después"
  4. ayuda?

    ayuda? Senior Member

    London: oneyear on
    Londres: un año después /después de un año
    Más un año?? Con un año??
  5. Agró

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    Alta Navarra

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