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I find that this phrase is written in different ways:

- I have two years experience
- I have two years´ experience
- I have two years of experience

I know the third phrase is correct, but if I do not want to use the "of" version, what is the best of the first two? I go for the second one, but I am not sure.

I hope someone can help me!

  • alisonp

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    English - UK
    The second one is correct. The third can sound clumsy, and the first is wrong, although you'll see a lot of people writing it because they don't understand about the apostrophe.

    Giordano Bruno

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    English, England
    I vote for number two. Number three sounds awful. One may say "I have had two years of ...", but even then the ending is a bit weak if you don't specifiy what type of experience you have endured.

    Miss Vitabis

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    Dutch - Belgium, West-Flandres
    And what about the pronunciation of the second one? Is it: 3 /yearz/ experience or 3 /yearziz/ experience ? Do you have to add a syllable or not?

    thanks in advance!


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    English UK
    Hi Miss Vitabis

    No, you don't have to add a syllable: years and years' both end in /z/, not /zɪz/:)
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