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  • morior_invictus

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    Hi Andrew,

    I presume it means "closure with a shield in a yellow color." The color could designate what is in a tube. But let's see what others think.


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    I'm not willing to wade through the linked pdf to find out what this is about, but I'd suggest that it means that the closure shield (whatever that is) is yellow.


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    Found on line.

    What is a BD Hemogard™ closure?
    The BD Hemogard™ closure has a unique rubber stopper that seals BD Vacutainer® Blood Collection Tubes. It is recessed within and covered by a plastic shield to help protect laboratory personnel from contact with blood on the stopper or around the outer rim of the tube. The BD Hemogard™ tube closure also helps prevent blood from splattering when the tube is opened.

    In this picture you can see that some tubes have a shield (plastic top) that covers the closure (stopper). It is rather like a pen-top that stops us getting ink on our fingers.
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    Does shield color mean protective color in a sense of medical equipment:

    BD Vacutainer® Urinalysis Preservative Plus Urine Tubes are 8.0 mL draw volume, 16 x 100 mm, with a urinalysis preservative and BD Hemogard™ Closure with yellow shield color.

    thank you.
    The tubes are fitted with a BD Hemogard (trademark) closure, and the particular ones in question have a closure that is yellow to indicate that they are for urine specimens -- to distinguish them from tubes used to collect blood specimens, whose closures are of varied other colors of significance to the blood lab technicians in identifying the tests to be performed.
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