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    (No YouTube links allowed but this is about the previous query.)

    These are unfortunately endangered languages/dialects, so it may be hard but I think this is the right place to ask if anyone has any knowledge of the languages in the title.
    In particular I would like to know about the language Yehuda Solomon sings in the Matisyahu song Two Child One Drop, live at Stubbs II. I doubt he is fluent in whatever the language is,so it is likely that somebody here may know the song(s) from which he has taken the words, in order to sing them in the already mentioned song. For example he mau have borrowed the words from something traditional from Yemen like Aba Shimon אבא שמעון.

    Thanks for any help whatsoever.
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    I'm afraid we have no way to find out what "the previous query" was when you posted this. The forum software sorts threads by the date and time of the most recent post, so it is probably a different one now. Please give us its title and perhaps a link to it. Since a WRF thread is not a YouTube video, a link to it is permitted.
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    Unfortunately the whole thread was deleted. Is it fine to direct someone to a video without using a link? Assuming so, searching YouTube for 'two child one drop lilphill419' will give you the video with just the part including the language that I'm asking about. He sings three different 'verses' and repeats one during the 4 minutes.
    I originally thought that I would have little luck in finding out about what he is singing but according to Wikipedia Judeo-Yemeni Arabic has 50,000 speakers so maybe my search is not so futile...
    If you can help in any way (eg suggesting where else to ask) it would be much appreciated.
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    The lyrics are all Hebrew, sung with the Yemenite pronunciation.

    1) The first and last parts are two verses from a Yemenite wedding Piyut called אהוב מהר המור (beloved from the mountain of myrrh). Read here and here.
    2) The second part is a Piyut by Abraham ibn Ezra called אצולה לפנים (the first two verses).
    3) The third part is a verse form the bible, Song of Solomon 2:2-3.
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    Wow, thank you so much! Are you of Yemeni heritage or could just tell what he was singing and searched for it?

    I suppose the reason he pronounces גבור as ג'יבור is because of the Arabic pronunciation of ج.

    So it is in fact in Yemenite Hebrew. Am I still right in saying that aba shimon is sung in Judeo-Yemeni Arabic?

    Thanks again for the help.
  6. arbelyoni Senior Member

    I got some of the lyrics and searched for it. I'm not of Yemini heritage... :)
    In some pronunciations of Yeminite Hebrew, Gimel with Dagesh is pronounced ج (probably due to Arabic influence), in others it is /g/. Gimel without Dagesh is غ.

    Yes, it is Arabic.
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    In the dialects (Muslim and Jewish) in the Northern part of the Yemen ج is [j]; in the Southern part it is [g]. The pronunciation of Hebrew follows that of the local dialect.
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    Ok thanks. According to wikipedia there are many dialects of Yemeni Arabic, and ج is pronounced g, j, dj, and y throughout various dialects.
    You mentioned that gimel without dagesh is pronounced غ. According to Wikipedia, tav and daled without a dagesh are also pronounced how Biblical Hebrew (probably) was - th and dh, respectively.
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