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  1. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Anyone can please tell me in what situations is 'yenge' used?

    To what persons should i say this?

    Looked even in dictionary but not help me alot.

    şimdiden teşekkürler :)
  2. ancalimon Senior Member

    Some men (usually religious men or sometimes men when talking to wives of religious people) call the wives of their friends as yenge.
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  3. ketcapov Member

    ancalimon +1

    and your uncle's and brother's wife is your yenge. sister in law
  4. Muttaki

    Muttaki Senior Member

    I by no means agree that it is for religious men's wives. It is common for all men's wives whether religious or not. But it still is a matter of choice to use it or not. It sounds a bit informal though. I wouldn't prefer for instance if I don't have to.
  5. ancalimon Senior Member

    From what I have seen myself, conservative men for some reason choose to call their friends' wives as "yenge" (maybe as some kind of respect word like "bacı" which is sometimes used to indicate that the man is never interested in that woman) while the more liberal men call friends' wives using their name or sometimes xxx Hanım. Men in between call their religious friends' wives as "yenge" and their not religious friends' wives as xxx Hanım.

    I have also seen that it's also common for some worker that has come to the house for repairs to call the lady of the house using "yenge". Or even sometimes the shop keeper of the neighborhood.
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  6. Muttaki

    Muttaki Senior Member

    That may be the case for some people, I mean may be some people choose the word looking at men's being religious or not but I don't think tis goes for all who use the word.For instance mostly, the man who came to a house for repairing would call the lady "yenge", even though he would have alcohol every night. Isn't it the case? I think there is also the sense of not knowing who is she. I also want to add that someone's wife can also be called "yenge hanım" instead of "xxx hanım". As I said I think it is a matter of choice. There are too, I am sure, very religious people who would use "xxx hanım" but not "yenge".

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