Yet as a number of recent commentaries


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Skeptics point out that the Party has little incentive to take action that could expose wrongdoing in its own ranks. Recent history seems to suggest that, when it comes to sensitive reforms that challenge vested interests, the party may be willing to take tentative steps but has not shown the resolve to make decisive moves. Yet as a number of recent commentaries in Chinese media argue, Beijing cannot afford to drag its feet for much longer on the issue of asset declaration by cadres. The Wall Street Journal

Dear all,

I am reading an article on the Wall Street Journal of Chinese further reform and openness. I can roughly understand the meaning of the quoted, but have difficulty understanding the "as" in red. Could you please explain to me? Thanks.

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    I agree with perpend on the meaning.

    It fits this definition of as:
    2. used to indicate by comparison the way that something happens.
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